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  • Application: Apply approximately 5ml of product to hands and spread thoroughly over hands making sure the hands are completely coated. Do not wash off the solution. Use as often as required.

  • An eco-friendly concentrated dual purpose shampoo for motor vehicle exteriors. It is formulated to easily both clean and wax the surface on the vehicle to give it a sparkling shine.

  • A “Double Concentrated” green liquid detergent to be used on cutlery,crockery and glasses without leaving any stains. It is designed to cut through grease and destroy microbes in both cold and warm water. This is one of our best selling products.

  • A powerful and effective water based degreaser. For the removal of a wide variety of grime, grease and stains from all engines, vehicle parts, mag wheels and other types of machinery

  • An eco-friendly all purpose cleaner and light duty degreaser that effectively and naturally cleans our surfaces. It is designed to cut through dirt, grease and grime without tough scrubbing without leaving any residue behind. A powerful universal solution for your entire home and office.

  • A powerful acid based liquid for the easy removal of stubborn stains and rust marks in toilet bowls. It disinfects and sterilizes, and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria. It also works to keep the porcelain body from corrosion and keep the surface gloss.

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